Thursday, July 17, 2008

by jorge rameriz

Afraid of the unknown
Crazies that prowl with guns that unload

Metal nuggets flying aerodynamically forged
Piercing armored vehicles, clothing, then pores
A twitch of the finger sprays the car crimson red
Inside lie three comrades, one breathing two dead
And so went the night 24 hours before this
A drive-by ends two lives, two homies, dissed
Excelsior and Athens marks the ignorant stain
Empty souless shells is all that remain

Tonight I come to find out that two old buddies I met during highschool and their friend got sprayed up by some random killer last night. Two got hit. One died instantly and another was rushed to the hospital but didn't make it. Motives for the shooter are unknown, a random assault as far as anyone can see. Excelsior and Athens in the City, very close to home. Its scary to think that any random fool has the power to inflict deadly pain at any point in time. People are crazy, intentions sometimes hard to read in their eyes. I'm not writing this for sympathy or to scare anyone into staying home, but only to remind us all that you just never know. We are human animals with a need to survive, some more compassionate than others. For someone to pick up a gun, aim it, and shoot it while knowing the consequences of incarceration, reprise, and the stain of guilty fingers-is beyond me. I don't understand it. Cold blooded violence this day in age is ridiculously ignorant. Who are our role models now adays? Where are the brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers when the young and dumb are pubertizing through their rebellious teens, trying to fit in with the coolness of guns, violence, women, fast cars, gangs, pimping, drugs, etc.,etc...Where? It just might be that they ARE the wicked influence, the asshole role models that breed selfishness and the need for power and money. Its obviously present, this being a reality check, a boot to the head reminder (atleast for me). Somethings gotta change, starting with yourself and those that hang around you. Preaching to choir I'm sure, but this is where it begins.

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