Sunday, March 16, 2008

OVM's Mission Statement

"Once upon a time the world was in desperate need of change. The Big Business machine had its evil grasp on society, crumbling communities, disrupting creativity, raping nature’s design, and keeping people ignorant. Until *gasp* OVM (Our Voices Matter!) summoned a fantastic team of soul-powered people, pencil pushers, visionaries, artists, activists, and like-minded filmmakers to create an alternative media collective. Together, with their visions combined, they informed, educated, entertained, and empowered local and global communities. And, through the use of a multimedia online video magazine, that mean ol’ Big Business machine was brought to a halt. At long last, the power of OVM had stopped it for good! (Ha ha ha! Yaaay!) So no need to fear...

O V M is here!"

Our Voices Matter! (OVM) is an alternative media collective composed of artists, activists, writers, filmmakers, musicians, and like-minded visionaries. The purpose of OVM is to collectively develop an online video magazine that engages, educates, entertains, and empowers local and global communities who share a vibrant vision and commitment to grass roots organizing and cultural, economic, and environmental sustainability. Through the use of a multimedia online video magazine, OVM promotes multimedia communication as a catalyst for personal, professional, and institutional transformation.

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richard said...

sounds like an amazing project. would love to know when stuff is being screened. i could dj at openings too :)

i linked you at the blog too, link us back if you are so inclined :)